Akkolens: standard optical designs, manufacturing and surgery.

  • Progressive optics are well known in ophthalmology. Our lens applies two specially shaped progressive optics which shift inside the eye by a natural muscle which also moves the natural lens.
  • The lens is manufactured by precision machining, a standard manufacturing technology for production of a number of existing intraocular lenses.
  • The lens is made of a standard general used and well-proven material for intraocular lenses.
  • The lens is implanted by the eye-surgeon with a AkkoNext intraocular lens injector which allows quick and minor surgery.


Flexible designs for individual preference

The optical quality of our lens is comparable to a high quality monofocal intraocular lens as shown by the MTF curve below. The blue line represents perfect theoretical optics; the red line shows the optics of the lens which is very close to perfection.


Our lens can be designed and manufactured with expanded accommodation ranges. All ranges are continuous and linear over the whole range of movement of the lens. In the graph below the red line shows the power changes in a lens with a range of 3 dioptres and the blue line represent one of 5 dioptres.


The accommodation range depends also on the individual strength of the muscle in the eye. With the lens the accommodation starts almost immediately after implant of the lens and improves over a period of a few months.