AkkoLens will restore vision and sharpness of vision for everyone.

Cataract is a cloudiness of the natural lens of the eye. The natural lens can be replaced with a small polymer artificial lens in a quick, simple and time tested procedure by an eye-surgeon. However, with standard artificial lenses you will have lost the ability to see sharply at all distances – you have lost the accommodation of the eye and become dependent on spectacles for the rest of your life. AkkoLens’ products will not only restore your vision completely but also restore accommodation. This provides high quality vision and a spectacle-free life.


Virtually everyone will, eventually, become presbyopic (“reading-far-sighted” – loose the ability to accommodate the eye) after the age of 35 years and start to use reading glasses. The accommodating AkkoLens will restore sharp vision at all distances. In addition, the optics of the AkkoLens have a quality which is significantly better than the natural lens for people over 20 years. Presbyopes will regain high quality vision and a spectacle-free life.